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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  March 29, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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moammar gadhafi have shown flickers of al qaeda or hezbollah presence. that word came from nato's top operations commander today. meantime, libyan rebels were forced to push back overnight after being pounded by pro-gadhafi forces. as steve handelsman reports, it was after obama ruled out using troops to force out the dictator. >> good evening. what are we going to do about moammar gadhafi. up here on capitol hill today, senate republican leader mitch mcconnell demanded to know. if it's not obama policy to use force to depose moammar gadhafi, what is the policy. as the u.s. role in the libyan air war gets smaller and nato gets set to take over command, moammar gadhafi is not giving up or getting out. his forces today counterattacked, pushing libyan rebels back, targeting civilians in rebel-held towns.
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>> gadhafi is using snipers to shoot people down and let them bleed to death in the street. >> reporter: secretary of state clinton's meeting today with u.s. allies in london, topic one was the dictator. >> we urge gadhafi and his people to leave and not to cause any more bloodshed. >> reporter: but so far, it's the libyan leader's call, and he says no. >> i'm not sure that we know exactly when we will get to any change in attitude by gadhafi. >> reporter: last night president obama ruled out using u.s. ground troops. >> if we tried to overthrow gadhafi by force, our coalition would splinter. >> reporter: but capitol hill is splintered. >> forcing gadhafi to leave power, i disagree with the president saying that the use of force should be ruled out. >> reporter: if gadhafi hangs on, what will that say about mr. obama. >> the president has said he wants to send a message that you
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cannot use violence to retain power. well, if gadhafi does not go, that is the lesson people will draw from it. >> reporter: the lessons so far is that america and our allies have used violence to save many libyan lives. but have failed to remove moammar gadhafi from power. until gadhafi goes, lawmakers here on capitol hill, u.s. allies across the region say any plans that any of us had to try to build a more democratic and pro-western libya have to stay on hold. live from the hill, i'm steve handelsman, news4. back to you. the libyan government plans to file criminal charges against a woman who accused moammar gadhafi's troops of rape. on saturday, the libyan woman burst into a hotel in tripoli where foreign journalists are staying under close supervision from the government. the woman says she was arrested at a checkpoint because she is
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from eastern libya, where rebels are based. she says she was repeatedly raped over two days. security officials tried to silence her and scuffled with several journalists who tried to protect her. eventually she was taken away. it's not clear where she is right now. today government officials described her rape accusations as a grave offense and said the men she has accused of filing criminal charges against her. in japan today, another frightening turn in the struggle to contain radiation at the fukushima nuclear complex. two more workers were drenched with radioactive water today, while making repairs at that plant. the problem is, they have to keep pouring water onto that reactor that is leaking, and that water becomes contaminated and it's piling up. lee cowan has the latest now from tokyo. >> reporter: the biggest concern right now is trying to figure out how to balance not only keeping the reactors cool, but also what to do with all that radioactive water that's been collecting. the engineers say what they still have to do is pump that
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water in, to keep the fuel rods from melting down completely, which is obviously would be the worst case scenario, but every time they pump it back is more water they have to pump back out in order for the workers to get back in to find out what's causing the leak in the first place. the worry is as the water builds up it might spill out and make its way into the soil, the sea water nearby. that hasn't happened yet. they're trying to put sand bags around the tunnels to keep that from happening. but the problem is, they can't stop putting water on those reactors because it's the only thing at this point keeping them cool. they managed to get power in the control rooms of the reactors. that will give them a better sense for monitoring devices as to what's going on in those reactors. this is a whole other front they have to deal with, not only keeping the reactors cool, but now what to do with all that radioactive water. the official death toll from the earthquake and tsunami there now has passed 11,000. damages could top $310 billion.
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that would make it the most expensive natural disaster on record. a smokey rooftop fire in downtown washington caused some concern this morning. the flames spread just before 11:00 a.m. at the cooling tower on the roof of the franklin building at 14th and i street. it was evacuated while the fire was knocked dounl. traffic in the area had to be diverted. officials say the fire was contained to the rooftop. no one was hurt. a suspicious u-haul parked on the national mall created a security scare this afternoon. police taped off several blocks around independence avenue and maryland street in southeast washington. that's the area surrounding the department of education. pat collins is there now with details on what started all this chaos. pat? >> reporter: doreen, trouble on maryland avenue, six blocks from the capitol. a u-haul truck, a bomb dog, three hours of suspicion. taylor buchanan was there when
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it all started. >> we saw an fes show up and the dogs show up. the dog sat there. then they told us to clear the area. everybody go to the other side of the building. >> reporter: 6th and maryland avenue southwest, cops all over the place, blocking off streets. moving people out. a u-haul truck parked in front of the lyndon johnson education building. parked here since yesterday afternoon. very suspicious. and when a bomb dog alerted next to the truck, it got real suspicious. with the scene secured, and the people moved back, a strange white truck appears. a special white truck. it does a slow circle around that u-haul. and then it does it again.
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after that, it drives away. for tourists, it was a sight they didn't man on seeing. what do you make of this? >> quite interesting. nothing like this in tampa usually happens. >> reporter: this wasn't on the blue line tour you took? >> no, no. added value. a little excitement for the day. >> reporter: for washington workers, well, another day in the nation's capitol. >> it happens. >> reporter: it happens? >> it happens. it's probably somebody's briefcase. >> life in washington, typical these days. unfortunately. >> reporter: after about three hours, they decided to approach that u-haul. two men without any protection walked up, looked under it, all around it, and then they opened the back. inside, a cowboy hat.
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an upside-down table. and some clothes that looked like they just came from the cleaners. that u-haul truck is still down there with cop cars in front of it, cop cars behind it. now, police say wrapped up inside the truck they found a small handgun. they've confiscated that weapon. they're now checking out the guy who rented that u-haul. doreen, back to you. >> all right. pat collins reporting from the mall. thank you, pat. two miles of highway near andrews air force base were closed off for several hours this morning because of a fake bomb. a road crew walking along branch avenue in clinton saw the device near coventry way. a bomb squad closed off traffic between rudyard and allentown roads. technicians used a remote detonator to disable the package. investigators say it was built to look like a bomb, but it was not. virginia tech is being fined for responding slowly to the
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mass shooting there in april of 20 2007. the department of education fined the university $55,000, the max allowed today. they said it waited too long to notify students about a gunman on campus. that ram pain when a student, cho, killed two people in a dormitory. students were not notified until two hours after that initial shooting, by which time cho was already in a classroom, where he killed another 30 students before he killed himself. virginia tech says -- or officials there say they will appeal the fine. new information is coming out about the prince william county parents charged with felony child abuse. the couple's three children were found naked and locked in a filthy room. as chris gordon reports, prosecutors now say the parents may have been using drugs and passed out when those children were discovered. >> reporter: charges of felony child abuse face 28-year-old christina moore and 33-year-old john roby. court papers say their
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4-year-old daughter went next door and asked a neighbor to help. the neighbor accompanied her, finding her sisters, age 2 years and 4 months naked in a room smelling of urine and feces. behind a makeshift half wall of drywall nailed in to keep the children from leaving. the neighbor made several attempts to wake up the parents, who were asleep in the adjacent room, passed out in bed. she called police. court papers indicate that police searched the house and found the suspects' bedroom in a deplorable condition. they also found several prescription bottles, smoking materials, and needles. >> i don't see anything, that based on their conduct and pass history, that would entitle them to have children. >> reporter: back in 2005, christina moore was convicted of child felony neglect after her twin 22-month-old boys were found walking alone near the county landfall in diapers. the department of social services took charge of their custody. its director says she can't talk
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about the recent charges, but explained why the department doesn't monitor past offenders. >> once the case is closed, say in the situation where we would have placed the children with a relative, and we were no longer providing those parents with services, we would then close that case. we most likely would no longer be working with the parents and the parents do not report that they have another child. >> reporter: prince william county's court-appointed advocates program represents more than 400 abused, neglected and abandoned children. the nonprofit organization is conducting fund-raisers like this one called children's garden of hope. i asked how they would serve the three young sisters in this child abuse case if the judge assigns them to do so. >> our goal is to make sure that child is continually in a safe environment, getting the psychological needs to heal them. >> reporter: christina moore and john roby are being held in custody pending trial. if convicted, they could each face a sentence of up to 15
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years. chris gordon, news4. the next court hearing for the couple is set for may 10th. coming up tonight, somebody could soon be facing main slaughter charges after that deadly oil well explosion in the gulf of mexico last year. the clock is ticking in the fight to prevent a government shutdown, this time the deadline may be final. usually it's the babysitter that takes care of the kids. but there was a dramatic role reversal at a house in connecticut. >> my babysitter's having a hard time breathing i think. >> okay. how old are you? >> i'm ten years old. we aren't free of snow here. coming up, we've got two storms in three days. dan? ovechkin and jason arnett doing off-ice bonding. holding on by the thinnest of margins for the wizards.
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to do away with a class action lawsuit by women who say they were discriminated against in terms of pay and promotions. as kristen dahlgren reports, people started lining up at 2:00 this morning in downtown washington to get a seat inside the courtroom. >> reporter: at the supreme court today, a small group of women, with hopes they'll soon speak for more than 1 million. >> i brought this case -- >> reporter: betty dukes first sued walmart in 2001, her sex discrimination case now a class action for female walmart
6:17 pm
employees past and present. >> if you do wrong, then you should be held accountable, from the least of us to the greatest of us. >> reporter: but the retail giant says the giant lawsuit is too big, and shouldn't be a class action because it's impossible to prove all female employees had a common experience. >> what's wrong with this case is that three plaintiffs are trying to represent more than 1.5 million associates. i've had a very positive experience at walmart, like thousands of other women. >> reporter: that's what walmart lawyers argued before the nine justices, who seemed sympathetic to the company's position. justice antonin scalia asking the attorneys for the women, is this really due process. the justices also appeared confused by the plaintiffs' contention walmart had a strong corporate culture of stereotyping, while at the same time giving local store managers too much discretion in pay and promotions. while the high court, including three female justices, heard
6:18 pm
arguments, outside women's rights advocates tried to have their voices heard. as the high court now decides if this is a case for all women of walmart, or if just a few plaintiffs will start over at square one. and this is one of the most watched cases of this term, not just by women in the work force, but also by businesses who could be subject to class action. a decision is expected by late june. at the supreme court, kristen dahlgren, news4. house republicans say it's a long-term deal or no deal to keep the government running beyond next week. majority leader eric cantor says the chamber will not pass another temporary spending bill. that increases the likelihood of a partial government shutdown after april 8th unless both sides come to a quick with agreement. the gop is still pressuring democrats to offer deeper cuts. democrats are blaming the tea party for the budget negotiations. it is said by some that losing at least ten pounds might come down to two simple tips.
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[ woman ] please say "one" to speak to a representative. one. one. [ sneezes ] a little off the sides. [ scissors snipping, razor buzzing ] ♪ no! [ male announcer ] these days, it's hard to find good customer service. thankfully, there's still one place that gets it right. years old, but this week he's
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going to be honored for staying calm when he called 911 to report that his babysitter had stopped breathing. it happened back in january. >> my babysitter's having a hard time breathing i think. >> how old rul? >> i'm ten years old. >> how old is your babysitter? >> i don't know quite. >> are you with her right now? >> yes. and she's making a strange noise. i don't know if she's okay. >> the dispatcher said tucker not only provided the medical information they needed, he was also remarkably polite. >> as soon as somebody gets in the front door, you can hang up with me. >> okay. >> you're doing good, tucker. >> thank you for your help. >> you're welcome. >> the paramedics said she was in severe respiratory distress. she has since made a full recovery. but doctors said she probably would have died had she not received med cal help. the police department's going to honor tucker and his sister for their bravery.
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they're going to do that at an awards ceremony on thursday. good for him. >> a lot of poise for a 10-year-old. >> nice sunshine out there today. >> yeah. loving today. don't think i like tomorrow. somebody in the newsroom ran into me and said, i don't think i like that stuff you're talking about for the next couple of days. i don't like it either. i am not a fan of winter at all. but we're going to have a taste of it. in fact, some areas could see a little bit of wet snow tomorrow, maybe even some accumulation not too far away. but today, we love the fact that the sun was out. look at those cherry blossoms. these are not down at the tidal basin, this is the kenwood subdivision in bethesda, maryland. where, of course, you've got to walk the dog, right? or dogs. his and hers. look at that sky. pretty in blue. 51 was the high temperature today. we started out just above freezing. last year on this date, 57. we had scattered thundershowers. i do not think we are going to have any thunderstorms coming up
6:24 pm
tomorrow, or even thursday. but we do have plenty wet weather coming our way. 51 the temperature right now at reagan international airport. and today, too, just like yesterday, it's been blowing around a little bit of pollen. right now trees are moderate, running at 27 grains per cubic meter. let's talk about where there will be some accumulating snow in the counties just to the west, in west virginia and west of i-81. allegheny county, maryland, hardy county in west virginia, those areas as well as mineral county in west virginia all the way down to the south, around here and even loudon county, frederick county, tomorrow morning, if this precip gets going early enough, there could be a little bit of wet snow. probably no accumulation at all. could be around two or three inches there. the temperatures in the 50s. right now 50, 51 degrees throughout the area. the visible satellite loop, you can see the clouds streaming through.
6:25 pm
now mostly clear sky, with more clouds that are hanging back to the west. and even precipitation with that next storm system coming in the form here of a few thunderstorms just north of memphis. but the main thing is that this storm system will be streaming through the area, kind of west to, well, east to northeast as opposed town the coast. but later in the week, a storm system will be running up the coast. and could be close enough to us with enough cold air that we'll be looking at maybe a little bit more of a snow event for some of our northwestern counties. high pressure to the north, we've got circulation out of the east and northeast tomorrow. cold air to the north. so again, for the high spots west into areas of pennsylvania and new york, cold enough for a little bit of light accumulation there. now, here's the next 48 hours on futurecast. some increasing clouds tonight. the white, that's the snow. so it stays in the mountains. the blue there, that's the rain showers coming in. and i do think that the bulk of the rain that we get tomorrow will be after lunchtime tomorrow. through the afternoon, through the evening.
6:26 pm
but there's even a chance for a few showers developing during the morning rush and after the sun comes up tomorrow, like 8:00, 9:00 a.m., that system moves in from west to east. some of the western counties will have rain showers at the mid part of the morning rush. we're wet, too, for tomorrow night. could have some snow around the area, too. again, north, and especially to the west. and then thursday, we're kind of in between systems, because again, that next system comes up the coast. and that's really for friday. so thursday, opening day, looking like light showers now kind of drizzly type conditions. but for both systems, 3/4 to 1 inch of rain in the yellow. and south of d.c. for southern maryland, anywhere from an inch to an inch and a half out of the two systems here. march going out like a lion. we drop here for the evening. tomorrow morning, we're going to be starting up above 33 to 38. again, showers, light showers for the morning rush. for the afternoon, occasional light rain coming through the
6:27 pm
area. 38 to 41 degrees tomorrow. a look at thursday, the high 47. then we scoot it up to 50 by friday. still going to be wet. the weekend, we'll see moderating temperatures. doing better, but there could be some wind around to take a few of those blossoms down. >> no. >> the cherry blossoms, a bit of wind behind these storms. >> i'm not liking the forecast for tomorrow either. >> thanks, veronica. coming up, metro playing the name game. new safety concerns on the national mall have a man was mugged yesterday afternoon. a road crew made a decision this morning that has some people wondering, what are they thinking. and find out what happened when a prince george's county leader returned to work after being charged in a corruption scandal. comeping up in sports, vcu's final four. jordan williams, the maryland center, makes a decision about his nba future. and speaking of jordans, jordan crawford comes through in the clutch. and other world
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leaders today issued new calls for moammar gadhafi of libya to step down. but they also acknowledged there is little sign that he's inclipd to do that.
6:31 pm
>> the supreme court began hearing arguments on whether to disband the biggest class action gender discrimination lawsuit in u.s. history. a half million women allege walmart favors men when making decisions about pay and promotions. walmart executives say each case should be decided on its own merits. a couple in prince william county, john roby and christina moore, are facing 15 years in jail if they're convicted of felony child abuse charges. prosecutors say drugs may have played a role in those parents who kept their three kids locked in a filthy room. >> a rare mugging on the national mall is getting a tough response from d.c. delegate eleanor holmes northon. >> she says she has been assured by the park police that the mall is safe. as the busy spring tourist season begins now. tom sherwood has our report. >> reporter: it's the peak tourist season. and the u.s. park police are aggressively investigating the
6:32 pm
daylight mugging on monday that happened here on this winding pathway between the hershhorn museum and old arts and industries building. d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton who demanded better police patrols of the mall said the city won't tolerate any crime in such a nationally known place. >> if anybody with any sense, any thug with any sense knows, this is the wrong place to come. because there's so many police. i still consider this the safest place in the district of columbia. it's surrounded by police, not just the park police. we have a vested interest in keeping it safe, not only for our residents, but of course, because much of our tourists depends on who's coming here right about now. >> reporter: a man was mugged here in the heart of the national mall area just as the peak spring tourist season begins. >> two suspects approached him and pushed him to the ground. after they pushed him to the ground, they rismed through his pockets. they didn't take anything from him. >> reporter: the incident took
6:33 pm
only moments. police are still investigating the crime. a rare incident of violence in this popular area. >> we've had one crime that was a violent crime against a person that happened about three blocks from here. that offense was two and a half years ago. >> reporter: tourists and others walking through this narrow strip of a garden were surprised at the report of a crime. >> i was sorry to hear that. mainly for the tourists here. i think it's the wrong perception. >> i saw it on the news this morning. it disturbs me but it doesn't worry me. >> i haven't seen any indication of any crime anywhere. so i'm surprised. >> reporter: tom sherwood, news4, washington. park police have also stepped up their undercover surveillance and other operations on the mall as a precaution. a maryland chemist with the food and drug administration and his son have been busted in an alleged insider trading scheme. cheng ye lang and his son andrew lang were arrested yesterday, charged with conspiracy to commit securities and wire fraud, among other offenses.
6:34 pm
prosecutors say they used an fda computer to get tips about drugs that might be approved. the pair allegedly purchased cars and paid for travel with the money from the $2 million-plus scheme. lawyers for the langs did not immediately return calls for comment. prince george's county council woman leslie johnson is not commenting about a new charge she faces in connection with a corruption case. johnson appeared at a council meeting today for the first time since the charge was filed late last week. prosecutors say leslie johnson stuffed $80,000 cash in her bra and destroyed a $100,000 check when fbi agents showed up at her home last november. the fbi says developers gave the money to her husband, former county executive jack johnson. jack johnson is facing bribery, extortion and conspiracy charges. he has pleaded not guilty. mrs. johnson will be arraigned in early may. the pothole campaign is meant to repair the trouble spots on the roadways.
6:35 pm
but this morning, good intent made for a rough commute in the 8:00 hour. drivers on the fairfax county parkway tell news4 they were stuck in an hour-long backup while crews made pothole repairs. that's not the first time it's happened during rush hour. the fairfax county board of supervisors today announced plans to get in touch with vdot to talk to them about the timing of their work. on this day, 35 years ago, public transportation took a big step forward in the region. metro is celebrating that birthday by adjusting some of its problems. track repairs are on the agenda for the transit system's anniversary. metro first opened its doors back in 1976. there was only a four-and a half mile stretch in service at that time. since then, the system has grown to 106 miles of track. those tracks they say are in need of extensive repair.
6:36 pm
some riders agree. >> it's a lot of fighting on the train that's been going on. >> sometimes it's a little crowded. >> something needs to be done with the security on this -- especially right here at the gallery. >> i just hope they have a prosperous 35 more years. >> metro says its headquarters which was built two years before the system opened also is in need of some updates. as metro expands to dulles international airport, eight new stations will run through fairfax counties. the board of supervisors recommended names for the new stops. coming up with new station names was not a simple process. >> reporter: what's in a name? plenty. if it's the name of a metro stop. >> i think it's going to be terrifically important. >> reporter: for months they've been lobbying to get their name placed on future station signs. and one spot in particular caused a face-off between neighbors reston and herndon. the station will be in the
6:37 pm
middle of the dulles toll road near the current herndon monroe park and ride. the town council pushed to keep the name simple, herndon. >> it's the town's identity. we're one of only three incorporated towns been here since 1879. >> reporter: but reston liked the sound of reston west herndon a bit better. >> reston does go all along the corridor, and out at the herndon station, the south side is reston. so i think it's appropriate that some of reston get in there. >> reporter: today it was up to the fairfax county board of supervisors to decide. the first four stations include tysons in the name, with a nod to mclean at one stop. and reston and herndon both get recognition, but at the stop in question, while herndon gets top billing, it has to share. the solution is a hybrid, herndon reston west. herndon still hopes for a change later. >> i would certainly still encourage them to call it the herndon station. >> reporter: reston predicts
6:38 pm
three stops listing that planned community will mean big things. >> we were the famous planned community of the previous four decades. and we're looking forward to becoming a global contender in the next 21st century. >> reporter: the list of names approved today, just a recommendation. it will go to metro, and that organization will have the final say. julie carey, news4, tyson's corner. coming up, some folks are saying that the trick to losing ten pounds might depend on two simple lifestyle changes. and we're getting a sneak peek at what it takes to pull
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real nasty weather doesn't start until we're halfway through tomorrow. but until then, you're going to have clouds rolling in, after the sun sets, the clouds will be on the increase. 51 the temperature right now. with light wind out of the northwest. by the time we get to 11:00 tonight, it's going to be mostly cloudy. we'll be around 40 to 41 degrees. so not too cold through the area. in fact, i've got our temperatures staying above freezing going into tomorrow morning. look at that, evening the morning rush, first part of it's going to be dry. the tail end likely to be wet with rain showers. the high tomorrow just 40 degrees or so throughout the area. rain showers and a few wet
6:42 pm
snowflakes. don't be surprised, soggy through the rest of the week. sorry, guys. >> so are we. it is said that a broken heart really can hurt. researchers at the university of michigan found that parts of the brain that respond to physical pain overlap with parts of the brain that are activated by rejection. they studied 40 people who had just gone through a bad break-up with a romantic partner. mri brain scans showed that that kind of emotional stress led to physical pain. if you're trying to lose some weight, a new study shows getting enough sleep is just as important as getting enough exercise. researchers at kaiser permanente challenged nearly 500 people to lose ten pounds over six months. parts pants followed a low-calorie diet and exercised for three hours a week. they also kept a record of their sleep habits and stress levels. doctors found those who slept 6
6:43 pm
to 8 hours a night not only had lower stress levels, they were also more successful at losing ten pounds or even more during the study. >> so that's the key, chill out. >> that's it? >> or do yoga, i don't know. how are you doings? >> i'm trying to figure out what jordan williams is thinking these days. >> what is up with that? does he think he's nba material? >> a lot of people are surprised about it, including his coach. we're going to be talking about that, as well as maryland's football team, randy edsell has his first spring practice as the new head man. the capitals have extra help on the ice tonight against the ♪
6:44 pm
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as you said earlier, you've got to wonder who's in his head and what makes him think that now's the time. >> especially when everything i have heard and the people i've talked to say that the coach doesn't want him to go. but obviously he has something different in mind. maryland's best player could be going pro. jordan williams is who we're talking about. he declared for the nba draft. but he's not hired an act so he could return to college park for his junior year. now, on most nba draft websites, williams isn't projected to go in either the first or second round. however, two nba scouts told me that he is a borderline first-round pick. williams was relatively unheralded coming out of high school. but he blossomed big-time this past season, making a first team all acc impression on everybody. he averaged 17 points, and 11 rebounds per game. williams also led the acc in
6:47 pm
rebounding. williams said he's excited about testing the nba waters to see where he would be. the deadline for withdrawing his name from the draft is may 8th. now, here's the other problem. according to the baltimore sun, he's not going to class. he hasn't been to class in two weeks. so if you don't go to class, you could be ineligible. it looks like he really wants to play in the nba next year. >> you ought to call him over and sit him down and talk to him. i guess somebody should talk to him. >> you would talk some sense into him? >> i wouldn't propose to do that, but maybe he needs to hear some other voices. >> it's just not that gary says, i can't lose my best player, he said, i told steve francis he should go, i told wilcox he should go. they were all lottery picks. this guy isn't guaranteed to be a first-round pick. perhaps he could end up with the wizards, that has first-round
6:48 pm
picks, at least for a day. john wall and jordan crawford helped the wizards to their second road win. year. john wall, the number one overall pick, he played like it last night. also got help from his mates. good defense by cartier martin to poke it away. wall comes up with it. and then gets the layup. he had 24 points in the first half. he finished with 28 in the game. third quarter, wizards up by ten. john wall here. mcgee ripping down the rebound. up and under. very agile for a 7-footer. he had 11 points and 17 rebounds. but the wizards went cold for a seven-minute stretch, scoring just one point. down by two. jordan crawford hits the shot to tie it up. and we're going to overtime. tied at 85. in ot, how about crawford coming up large again. gets the steal. and he's going the distance. he finished with 25 points.
6:49 pm
jordan crawford came over in a trade not too long ago. talking college hoops now. mason may have paved the way for the mid-majors in the final four in 2006. but vcu is college basketball's newest cinderella story. their 33-year-old head coach smart has them believing they can actually win the whole thing. vcu a two and a half point underdog to butler saturday night. >> i'm under absolutely no pressure. i'm loving life right now. we're about to play in the final four on saturday. so that's every coach's dream. and every coach would love to be in my shoes, preparing to play butler in the national semifinal. i've put absolutely no thought into anything after that. the best thing about this run is that it's brought so many people together in the name of vcu basketball. and everybody's so excited about either heading to houston or finding a place to watch the game. >> i don't think there's any
6:50 pm
doubt who this area is rooting for. >> i'll bet if you took this whole country, you couldn't find two people out of ten who even heard of vcu, what it was or where it was. what is that? >> you're right. >> they know now. >> most people would not know. but they know now. maryland's football team on the practice field for an organized practice for the first time under new head coach randy edsall. taking over a team that did well under ralph friedgen who was fired after being named acc coach of the year. edsall opened with starters. edsall did tell his players in a mike shanahan-esque type of way that every position is wide open. the terps finished last season with a 9-4 record. so the building blocks are there. >> it gives us a better opportunity to see exactly what all their strengs and weaknesses are, so that we can end up building an offense and a defense around the strengths of
6:51 pm
what our players have. because you don't pigeon-hole the players into a scheme. what you do is you take a look at the talent that you have available, and then what you do is you develop the offense or defense that's best suited to bring out the best in those young men. >> we respect coach edsall a lot. we know he's going to take us where we want to get to. look at his track record, where he's been. we have a lot of talent here. a lot of humble people here that are hard working guys, that are a lot of fun to work with. we feed off each other, have a great relationship and actually looking forward to see him coach. they are just two points out of the eastern conference lead, and tonight the capitals have a chance to make up even more ground as they host caroline a. the guys playing at home for the first time in seven games and they've been playing very well lately, going 4-2 on their most recent road trip without alex ovechkin and jason arden.
6:52 pm
the good news is that both players have learned from each other in their time off. and they are back in the lineup tonight. >> me and him getting close to each other. again, like he's a guy who has the experience, and to be around him, it's a good time for me. and again, he pushed me hard to do what he thinks is going to be better for my body. >> i think it's his first time being injured, and it seemed like he didn't like it a whole lot. but, you know, yeah, we just sat down and watched all the games together, and just talked about it. so it was good. >> remarkable things about ovechkin, besides his spectacular talent, he's grasped the english language. >> will thank you.
6:53 pm
we'll go inside the royal palace weeks before the big wedding. for all your news, we invite you to follow news4 online, just search nbc washington on facebook and o wedding, and pre
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
are well under way for the big day. in a rare move, cameras have
6:56 pm
been allowed inside buckling ham palace, giving us a look at the kitchen where the food will be prepared and the chef in charge. >> reporter: the queen's kitchen staff prepare an average of 550 meals a day. from footmen to monarch, if you're on the payroll, you get something to eat. not necessarily like this, though. the focus for wedding guests will be canapes, hot and cold finger foot to go to the champagne. all planned with military precision. >> any canape event is all about fine detail at the last minute. and so there's a lot of preparation. but there's lots that we would like to do earlier that we really can't do until, you know, we see the guests coming into the room. >> reporter: the queen is opening 19 buckingham palace state rooms for the 600 guests invited to william and kate's reception. their wedding cake will be displayed in the picture
6:57 pm
gallery. fine food, and fine art. >> it's intended really to be a backdrop for special events so you can enjoy a function but also think, my goodness, what brilliant works of art i can enjoy at the same time. >> reporter: 50,000 guests pass through the palace each year from state visits to garden parties, and members of the royal household are carefully trained to pay meticulous attention to detail. >> we're obviously going through a lot of briefings with staff. we're talking with those people that are organizing the events, and for any event we're going through every single detail that we possibly can, so it's planned in advance. and we don't leave anything to chance. >> reporter: they'll be polishing the glasses all over again once the main reception is over. a smaller group of family and friends will be back in the evening for dinner. tim hewett, itv news. >> when the couple finally does tie the knot, our own wendy
6:58 pm
rieger will be there for the event. watch the week leading up to the wedding. >> we'll tell wendy not to make the canapes, if they're making them now. coming up at 11:00 tonight, a high school kid arrested after taking a fully loaded gun to school. why he felt he needed to do that. a supreme court justice got a traffic ticket after an accident on the way to work. and a winning lottery ticket worth $30,000 dropped into a church collection basket. >> wow. >> that's at 11:00. one more check on our weather, veronica. >> we're dry for tonight. take a look at the temperatures here, the night forecast, down to 41 by 11:00. cloud cover, yes. i think our showers, light rain showers, slight chance early tomorrow morning. say the mid part or tail end of the morning rush. better chance afternoon time. you're looking at the high
6:59 pm
tomorrow of 42. the far northwestern suburbs could see a little wet snow mixing in. more with the april fool's storm on friday. that could have more cold air. that will be running up the coast, much like a nor'easter. so we get the wind behind it. the high on saturday 52. some sunshine and a little bit of sunshine, too, for sunday. at least, jim, doreen, something to look forward to the first part of next week. >> i'm sick of this weather. a baby seal ended up far from home over in as tone yeah. a seal lives on the baltic coast. it made its way a quarter mile inland. even had to cross a road. >> that's slow going. >> a family spotted the seal in the backyard and called in an animal rescue group. that was a smart move, of course. because seals like this one looking all soft and cuddly, but they have really sharp teeth and razor-sharp claws. rescuers came out and coaxed the seal into a cage and released it
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